If You Need Money Transfered To You , Read The Fees Below And Contact us , You Pay With Bitcoin Escrow After A Completed Job Or 50% Upfront .

Our Fees Are Listed Below
minimum transfer is 3,000$ fee = 750$
3,500$-6,000$ fee = 950$
6,500$-9,000$ fee = 1,250$
9,500$-12,000$ fee = 1,500$
12,500$-15,000$ fee = 1,750$
15,500$-20,000$ fee = 2,000$
21,000$ and Above is for only trusted clients (to become a trusted client you must have done atleast 2 transfers with us ).


        Please Note : All our payment is by bitcoin or licensed bitcoin escrow merchant , do not hire a hacker that refuse to do job by escrow and never hire a hacker claiming to be anonymous , you can only contact us from this website ,come here and confirm if your hacker is real or a scam do not just hire without confirming.

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